Thursday, January 28, 2010


REMEMBER -------->
THIS -------->
FREAKING -------->
SUNFLOWER -------->

Things that make me happy, even though I know I'll go to hell for them:

1. The fact that Ian's douchebag of a soon-to-be-ex-roommate can no longer smoke marijuana (which he used to smoke in excess) because he has "flashbacks" to the bad trip he had on mushrooms. You know, the bad trip that ended in Ian and I being forced to call the cops because someone jumped through and shattered a two paned window on the second floor of the house.

A. I also feel like some greater power is on my side, because he's recently turned to E as his drug of choice. A coke addict who can no longer smoke marijuana because of a bad trip on mushrooms is now turning to E. I feel that an overdose is imminent, and my soul has abandoned me so I no longer feel guilty that he might just kill himself.

2. People I dislike in high school/college/life getting fat and becoming terribly unhappy. Again, I'm going to hell for it, but some people just fucking deserve to be fat and ugly after how poorly they've treated everyone in their life.

3. Nigel is still a sad, pathetic mess and will always be. I am also with an amazing man. So, my ex is a fucker and my current man is fucking amazing. I might be jinxing myself, but life fucking rocks and that sorry sack of shit deserves his pathetic life is Moses Hole.

Things that make me happy that I probably won't go to hell for:

1. Sunflowers.

2. Rain.

3. Having Ian attempt to teach me how to cook.

4. Really interesting and quirky customers that come in to work and just make my night with how absurd they are.

5. Authors that talk about really serious, depressing life topics in such candid ways that you can't help but feel those terrible emotions all over again, but the second or third or fifteenth time through you really appreciate it because you finally fucking realize someone else understands.

6. Neil Gaiman (see #5).

7. Pasta.

8. Puppies.

9. Addicting flash games, such as Cafe World, Farmville, and most recently Plants VS Zombies.

10. Chocolate.

Also, Alisha Merkt makes me very happy. And good cups of tea make me happy. Orange juice is also a drink that makes me happy, on occasions. When I drink rum I feel happy. Marijuana sometimes makes me happy, but mostly it just makes me eat everything in the house and then feel fat and next morning. Interesting phone calls at early hours are alway entertaining if they don't interrupt my REM cycle.

Pregnant women make me happy. They also kind of creep me out.

People who have harder lives than do make me happy. Not because I am happy that they are sad, but because I know so many of them who still have a smile on their face and still push through. It makes me happy knowing people can overcome things.

Sunflowers don't make me as happy as I said they do.

I really just like sunflower that appears somewhere in this blog, but I don't know where due to weird HTML formatting.

Yes. So.


I'm feeling it right now. The Happy.

Time to go look at puppies.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm not a nice guy, I just like the movie Tron.

I was going to write, but I've been distracted by the completely asinine show known as Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It's not the good sort of asinine, either. It's the annoying kind. The 'I want to gouge my eyes out with a spoon' kind.

So here we go, another post about how I will soon begin posting and sharing my feelers with the world. I had something to say at some point in the day... but for now... nothing.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

First post! Rawrawrawr.

I've made many blog attempts in the past, but none of them have really stuck... at least not since my sophomore year of high school, when I finally got over the greater amount of my manic teenage depression and decided I didn't need to tell the world how badly I hated myself.

So! In celebration of the fact that I feel like writing about things, I am now creating a new blog so I can harass my friends and they can, in turn, harass me.

I think this sounds like a great idea.

I hope you do too.

If you don't, you can just go fuck yourself.