Wednesday, March 10, 2010

but i know one thing: that i love you.

I'm laying next to Ian in bed (he's trying to sleep, I'm being obnoxious and blogging like that chick in the newest House episode) and having one of those "I love you so damn much" moments.

I dooo, I dooo, I doooooo.

I think this man completes me. I think there were cracks and broken pieces, ones that most people have (and maybe a few more than normal just because life really likes me), and he's just the right thing to fix them and fill me up. I don't think he'll ever realize it, either. He's completely 100% the one for me and I am so happy for every day that I am with him.

Even when we fight - which is really just me having a bad day and exploding on him and then getting mad that he doesn't get angry at me for it - it's all fine. I just stomp around and pout and then go and curl up with him and forget that I was bothered in the first place.

It's nice having someone who does that.

I can't wait for the next oh so many years of my life. :)