Thursday, March 18, 2010

drunkity drunk drunk drunkst

I'm sick and now it is time to bitch about it.

First off, I hate headaches. I get them so often now that whenever I realize I have one (is it weird that it usually takes me awhile to realize I've acquired a new headache? It's usually a specific kind of noise that triggers it) I immediately am in a bad mood.

The past two days I've had a headache that makes me feel like death. It's heavy. Noise makes it worse... but it's really specific. Screeching noises don't bug me any more than they usually would. But a thud, like dropping a book, makes me want to cry. It splits my head open down the middle.

My ears, teeth, and temples hurt. Basically, my sinuses. I also have a sore throat - which also makes my ears hurt. So a headache plus sore throat that makes multiple parts of my body hurt with different ailments. It sucks. I dislike it.

Normally, the fact that I'm awake right now wouldn't be that big of a deal. I'm usually awake... and I've slept most of the day away anyway, so whatever. But I have to be at work at 7. Which means waking up at 6. Which means I'll be working on four hours of sleep with a six or seven hour break between my last rest.

So I'll basically be running off of a really intense nap.

This was a lot of complaining over nothing... I just really don't like being sick. It makes me grumpy and angry.

Also, the bars close in seven minutes. I except to be awake at least another hour listening to the drunks downtown stumbling about.

Oh well. Time for more Niquil.


Molly said...

nyquil is amazing. and I'm so sorry you're stuck with headaches! I go through phases where I have them every doctor's given me like decongestant crap, and had me take 2 aleve every 4 hours or whatever for a week straight...I dunno what works. sleep is the only thing that seems to fix it. Are you drinking lots of water? People tell me that lots of headaches are triggered by dehydration...

also, THANK YOU for corroborating the fact that sore throats make your ears hurt!! Every time I get a sore throat, I say it hurts in my ears, and Roman makes fun of me, saying that means I have a problem with my ears. NO I DON'T, it's all the sore throat's fault!!

anyway. feel better or I'll come punch that cold in the face.